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Sanguinarius by Sangi 
 Dreamhart by Jarandhel Dreamsinger
Noctalium by Mistwolf
Vampyrbibliothek by Heshthot S
Real Vampire Directory by
 Sanguinarian Research by Sarah Mediv
 Real Vampire Life by John Reason’s
Inside Real Vampires by Horus Sat
Shadow’s Den by Shadowmyst  By Alexia Ashford
The Red Cellar Forum  By Alexia Ashford
House Valur by Octarine Valur
The Graveyard Press by Deacongray
 The Vampire Community by DarkFess
Draconic by Chris Dragon  (Since 1976)
 Suck TV   
 Vampire Church by Damien Daville, LA Judge
Wild Speak by Ravenari
 Claret Vitale“Blood shop. I’m unsure as to the safety and legality of this service. Take care.”
 Th�ba�de by Akhila
Shadow Lore by Grim
Vampyre Bytes by Samael Anathan
Vampire Forum“Account activation but email doesn’t work.”
 Within the Ruins by House of Chimeras
The Sanctuary by Sonne Spiritwind
 Magia Posthuma by Niels K. Petersen
  House Eclipse by Raven OrthaeVelve   
  Psychic Vampire by Lono F Vespertilio
 Not Quite Human by Zephyr 
Awake and Drink Everything but the forum works
 By Light Unseen by Vyrdolak
 Vampire Website “This website is exceptionally controversial. Take it with a grain of salt.”
 Blood and Coffee by Kelandris the Mad
Felinity by Velvet Wings
 The Lair of a Lesbian Vampire by Tristen Blackwell
 Livin’ the Swan Life! by Blackswan21
 Links to Real Vampire Sites “WARNING: May cause seizures (the background is a gif of lightning bolts).”
Black Swan Haven by Acrophobic Pixie, Passer, WingedWolf
The Psycic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger
 Donor, Not a d�ner by Acrophobic Pixie
 Merticus by Merticus
 Temple of the Vampire  Controversial Site 
Non Human Quotes by SwanBlood 
 Vampires by TheCheezman
 Being Lion by Serpent Scribe
 The Dhampire by Lana Lundy
  Real Vampires by V Luna
The Black Rose by Widow
 Winged Wolf by Winged Wolf
Awake and Drink by Zane Robinson“Poor Quality as the link to the forums and the chatroom aren’t effective.”
A Modern Look at Vampyres by Amador Vampyre 
Lupine Instincts by Elinox
Ordo Sekhemu by Vicutus 
Vampire Rave By Cancer
 Spirit of the Wind by Citrkayah“Take care visiting this website. Intrusive, and potentially malicious popups.”
Vampire Freaks (mostly a goth/industrial site but also vampires as well)
Vampyre bites (a subsidiary project of the South African Vampyre Academy)
Awakening (About Awakenings)


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 Facebook: Vampire Science by Arafel Si, Jane More
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   Blogfree: LIRV“Blacklisted due to intrusive popups leading to potential malware-related website.”
 House of Havoc by VampireIzak, Jason Lord Havoc, Lee Havoc
   Vamp Girl